Radiation Protection

Radiation Protection Advisor (Expert) :

Most regulations require organisations working with ionising radiation to consult with a “suitable” Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) with regard to what they need to do to comply with the law. A suitable Radiation Protection Adviser :

– We have the necessary experience and expertise to advise on the organisation’s uses of ionising radiation.

– We meet your exceptions, organisations are required to formally appoint the RPA for the purposes of ongoing consultation.

– The RPA can be either an employee of the organisation or an external consultant; many organisations opt for the latter

  • Leading provider : As he UK’s primary authority on radiation protection, we advise many of customers.
  • Comprehensive advice : From IRR99 to general guidance on the radiation protection needs of your organisation.
  • Delivered by specialists : PHE makes a significant investment in its people and prides itself that this is repaid in the quality of the service it delivers.
  • Delivered across the country : Nationwide coverage and a rapid response in case of an incident.
  • Compliance Review : and advise on standards of radiation protection and regulatory compliance.
  • Statutory testing : From radiation monitors to tests for leakage of radioactive material from sealed sources.
  • Radiation Safety Management File : Formalise your company’s approach to radiation protection.
  • Customers Industry : sectors including government bodies to manufacturers, utilities, education, services and construction